The Pros And Cons Of A Fiber Internet Connection


Need to have a pipeline to the Internet installed at your home, and wondering which service to choose? Fiber Internet can be a great choice for residential use, but it does have its disadvantages. Here is what you need to know about the pros and cons of fiber Internet.

Fiber Internet Pros

The main advantage of fiber Internet is the speed that it can offer. The connection is incredibly fast, with gigabit speeds commonly being offered by ISPs. What makes fiber Internet unique is that speeds for uploading are not capped at a certain speed as you see with the Internet run through copper wires. This is because the technology allows for data to transfer through the cable with light in either direction, so bandwidth does not need to be reserved for uploading.

A fiber Internet service is also more reliable than competing services, which is due to that unique fiber optic cable. It's not prone to the same type of interference that a copper cable is subjected to during harsh weather. The cable itself is also less likely to become damaged because of how highly resistant it is.

Fiber Internet Cons

Availability is the biggest downside for fiber Internet since it is not available in all areas. You may even see that neighboring cities have fiber Internet available, and then discover that your city doesn't have it as an option. It is always worth checking back to see when fiber Internet may be coming to your area if it's not currently available.

The equipment for fiber Internet is going to be different than what you likely currently have in your home. This is because that cable coming into your home isn't a copper cable made out of coax. Instead, it is a special fiber Internet cable that requires a different type of modem for it to plug into. If you do not currently have a modem that accepts a fiber connection, you'll either need to purchase a modem or rent one from your ISP.

While fiber Internet does offer some great speeds with symmetrical upload and download speeds, know that the high speeds do come at a cost. If you are on a budget, you may only be able to afford a cheaper plan that has a lower maximum speed. This means that you can't take advantage of the uncapped upload speeds that fiber Internet can provide to you.  

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12 May 2023

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