2 Ways To Save On Your High Speed Internet Costs


Do you need to pick a new Internet service provider for your home, but you are worried about spending too much on this recurring monthly cost? Here are some ways that you can save money on your high speed Internet service.

Bring Your Own Equipment

Whenever you subscribe to an Internet service provider for the first time, you will have the option of bringing your own equipment or renting equipment from the provider. Each one has their own pros and cons, which is why it's important to know about both.

The big advantage of bringing your own equipment is that you are going to save money every single month by not paying a monthly equipment rental fee. This can really add up over time, and the cost of buying a modem can often pay for itself over the course of a year when you look at the total cost of equipment rental.

However, be aware that you are responsible for troubleshooting your modem on your own if you are having problems. The Internet service provider is not going to be able to help you in this regard, because they only have the steps outlined to troubleshoot equipment that they lease to customers. If you do end up having a problem with your own modem and call a technician out to your home, then you could end up paying for a service charge if the problem is discovered to be your modem.

Renting equipment gives you the complete opposite experience. It's more expensive since you pay for the modem per month, and the Internet service provider can troubleshoot problems for you. If the modem does need replacement, the provider will even swap it out with a new one for free.

Pick The Right Speed Package

While you may not need the fastest package, you still need one that will be fast enough for your needs. That's because you pay more money per month for those faster packages. Know that it may be best to start out with a slower package, see how it works for you, and then upgrade if you find that you are having problems getting the speeds that you require. 

For example, you can likely get by with a slower speed package if nobody in your home is working from home and requires big data transfers. It can also be easier to get by with a slower package if you are living on your own, since you are not competing with other people in your home for bandwidth. 

Reach out to a high speed Internet service to learn more.


22 November 2022

Making The Choice Between Internet Service Providers

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