Will People Know That You Have A Home Security System?


Home security systems can be discreet, but some people want potential thieves to know their home is fully protected. The choice is yours, so consider how creating awareness about your security system will impact your family. If you do decide to hide your security cameras, here are some tips.

Use small cameras

Not all home security systems are easy to detect. Some security cameras are small, so you can hide them without any issues. You can place these cameras in potted plants, on bookshelves, or in other strategic locations around your home.

If you aren't sure where to place your cameras, consider ordering your cameras directly from a home security system company. The company may have a dedicated customer service team to help you brainstorm the perfect hiding spots.

Choose a camera without visible lights

Some home security cameras have a small light that turns on when the camera is recording. If you don't want people to know your home is being monitored, choose a camera without this visible light. You should also avoid cameras with motion detection lights if you don't want your neighbors to know you have a home security system.

Use wireless cameras

Wireless home security cameras are another option for discreet monitoring. These cameras can be placed anywhere in your home without the need for wires. Some wireless security systems even have adhesive backs or hooks so you can install them without drilling holes into your home.

Use home security signs

Home security signs can be a deterrent for potential thieves. If you want people to know your home is protected, consider placing a sign in your yard or on your home. This may keep criminals from helping themselves to your personal possessions, even though they can't tell where your cameras are hidden.

Don't give your security network an obvious name

Some home security systems are connected to their own internet. If you don't want neighbors to detect your system, avoid using overly obvious network names for your WiFi. Instead, choose a hard-to-guess name that doesn't contain your last name or any part of your address.

Discreet home security is possible, so don't feel like you have to advertise your security system to the world. By taking a few simple precautions, you can keep your home and family safe without tipping off potential criminals. Learn more about concealing your cameras and other surveillance equipment by speaking with a home security system service.


26 July 2022

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