Why You Should Get Home Internet Service Rather Than Use A Mobile Hotspot


Are you moving into a new place and wondering if it is worth subscribing to home Internet service? You may think that you can get by with just using your phone as a mobile hotspot, and that it's not necessary to pay for home Internet. Here are some reasons why having the direct Internet connection to your home is a great idea with residential Internet service.

You Won't Have To Worry About Mobile Hotspot Data Caps

You likely do not realize how much data you use at home on a daily basis. There are computers downloading software updates in the background, video game consoles downloading digital games and patches, and TVs that stream 4K video all day long. When you add it all up, you end up using a lot of data that you didn't account for. 

Unfortunately, mobile hotspots often have limits on how much data you can use in a month. When you exceed that data, your speeds either slow down to the point where the Internet is difficult to use or you get charged for another bucket of data. When it comes down to the sheer amount of data usage, you may realize that using your phone's data plan isn't a practical option.

A residential Internet plan is going to provide dedicated service to your home with the data caps that you need to run all of your devices. 

You Will Have All Your Devices Connected 24/7

So many devices these days depend on having a 24/7 Internet connection, and you lose those benefits if you're always taking your phone with you. For example, you lose out on the ability to control a smart thermostat while you're out of the house, or check in on your home's security with a network connected camera. Devices will not be able to download software updates while you're away, meaning that you have to wait to take care of those updates while you're home.

Your residential Internet connection means that these devices will be connected to the Internet all the time. You can use all the tech products that you own as intended without limitations.

You Won't Put Wear And Tear On Your Phone

Using your phone's modem as your primary Internet connection is going to put a lot of wear and tear on the device. Your phone is going to run much hotter, and the battery is going to drain quickly from the more frequent usage. Since smartphones these days can easily cost up to a thousand dollars, do you really want your Internet running through your most expensive tech device? 

Home Internet service is going to have a dedicated modem that is serviced by the Internet provider, which will help your phone see less stress and last long as a result.


19 January 2022

Making The Choice Between Internet Service Providers

As a young single mom, the world is constantly filled with new challenges. When we moved into the place where we are now, I had to figure out how to lift heavy furniture all by myself and set up a myriad of service providers and utilities. Although it probably shouldn't have been hard, one of my greatest challenges was figuring out who to work with to get the Internet. At first, they all seemed the same, but after a little more research, I was able to track down the company I felt comfortable with. I want to make life easier for my fellow single mommas, which is why this blog is dedicated to helping you to choose contractors, service providers, and companies to work with.