Want To Get 1 Gig Internet At Home? 3 Improvements That You Can Enjoy


While living in a home that you know your family enjoys, you may like to think about ways that you can make the place even better to live in. Upgrading the internet is an effective and reliable option. When you commit to getting a 1 Gig internet connection for your family, you should start to think about the internet-related improvements you can enjoy at home with speedy service.

Wired Connection

Using a wireless connection for most online tasks will provide your family with enough speed to satisfy their wants and needs. So, you do not need to worry about setting up every room and electronic device with the ability to use a wired internet connection.

However, if you do not own a 802.11ax wireless router, which can provide 1 Gig speeds from a wireless connection, you should expect wired devices to have faster internet speeds. This makes it worthwhile to set up wired connections for laptops or computers that your family uses for work or gaming as you can make online gaming smoother and increase work productivity.

Streaming Plans

If you have plans with a variety of streaming providers to watch all the movies, shows, and sports that you are interested in, you may want to check out their details and consider making upgrades after getting such a fast internet connection. This is a smart step because you can switch over to plans with higher resolutions when you have internet that can handle the demands.

With a 1 Gig internet connection, you can stream 4K content easily, which means you can start shopping around for a 4K television knowing that you will be able to utilize its full potential.

Device Count

While using the internet that you currently have in your home, you may notice slowdowns when a lot of devices are being used at once or a family member is doing a large download on their computer or phone. After switching to 1 Gig internet, you do not have to worry about running out of bandwidth, which means you can use lots of devices at the same time without hiccups.

This gives you a great opportunity to increase the number of smart devices that you use in your home such as appliances, lights, kitchen appliances, tablets, and smart speakers.

If you want to see your family enjoying their time at home even more than they already do, you should talk to your internet provider about upgrading to a 1 Gig internet connection.


28 January 2021

Making The Choice Between Internet Service Providers

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