Get Your Internet On! How You Can Connect And Get Surfing Now


Internet service does not have to stay in the dark ages with dial-up. Sure, there are some areas in this country where dial-up is all they have, but it really does not have to be like that anymore. Wireless internet services are as close as your smartphone, and as far as the next fast food restaurant. If you want to get wireless internet, here are are all the different ways you can tap into wireless internet and get surfing now. 

Coffee and a Laptop

Most fast food joints frown on people coming in and using the restaurant's free WiFi. It is akin to your cousin stopping by to use your toilet all the time, but not really asking or staying to visit. Additionally, it is considered loitering to sit around in a restaurant all day, not eat or drink anything, and work on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Instead of taking advantage of free WiFi, get a cup of coffee, and then you can enjoy as much free internet as you want. 

Local Libraries

Yes, these places with their physical books and movie disks still exist, and you can actually tap their free WiFi without buying anything. However, you should bring your own laptop or tablet because most of the desktop computers in libraries are on timers and they will shut you out after about an hour or so. 

Smartphones Are Bluetooth Hot Spots

Oh, what your smart phone cannot do! Navigate to "settings" on your phone, then find the controls for tapping that sweet hot spot in your phone. Most laptops will connect to your phone as a wireless hot spot, but other laptops require that you plug your phone into the laptop as though you are going to charge the phone. It does require that your phone be mostly charged because your phone battery will quickly drain when using it as a WiFi hot spot. If you do not have to have the phone plugged into the laptop to use the phone this way, consider plugging the phone in to the wall to be charged while it acts as a hot spot. 

Get Your Own Wireless Internet Modem

Lots of internet providers now equip consumers with a box. The box, or modem, connects to cables or wires that connect to the provider's underground, overhead, or satellite internet connections. There is an access password listed on the modem/box that you enter into your devices to gain wireless access to the internet via your modem/box. Stay home and get connected, or try any of the above routes. You can contact wireless internet services to learn more about your options.


12 December 2019

Making The Choice Between Internet Service Providers

As a young single mom, the world is constantly filled with new challenges. When we moved into the place where we are now, I had to figure out how to lift heavy furniture all by myself and set up a myriad of service providers and utilities. Although it probably shouldn't have been hard, one of my greatest challenges was figuring out who to work with to get the Internet. At first, they all seemed the same, but after a little more research, I was able to track down the company I felt comfortable with. I want to make life easier for my fellow single mommas, which is why this blog is dedicated to helping you to choose contractors, service providers, and companies to work with.