How Fiber Optic Internet Can Make Your Business More Profitable


As you expand your business, you might find that you just don't have enough internet speed to meet your business needs. If this is the case, the issue might be that you're still using a DSL or shared cable line. If your business often must access the cloud, you'll especially find yourself with insufficient Internet speed when you have ten or more employees. You could rely less on the cloud and more on technologies that are installed on your computers, but this may not be practical for some businesses. Fortunately, one way around this is to use fiber-optic Internet. 

Fiber-Optic Internet Is Becoming More Available

Fortunately, Internet providers are upgrading their infrastructure to make it easier for businesses to have access to high-speed Internet. In many cases, installation for fiber-optic Internet services is offered for free and you simply pay more for the monthly service. Since there is no upfront investment, it is much easier for businesses to take the plunge. 

Experience Fewer Outages

Because fiber-optic Internet service uses light rather than copper wiring to transfer signals, there is less downtime. In many cases, uptime is even backed by a service level agreement. With faster Internet service, your workers are likely to be more productive because they will not have to wait nearly as long for data to load.

Have More Security

Faster Internet will also make your business more secure. There are various modern security systems that are very resistant to burglary attempts, but for them to be effective, they require high-speed Internet. The more that you rely on the Internet for your business to function, the more strain you'll place on your bandwidth and the more essential a fast, fiber optic Internet will become. When shopping around for fiber-optic Internet, ask each ISP about the security features that they offer.

Ask ISP Providers Plenty Of Questions

When you are contacting an Internet service provider to find fiber-optic Internet, you'll want to ask them about the type of Internet speeds that are offered, whether bandwidth-intensive users are throttled, and when peak-usage times occur for that particular ISP. This last point will help you know if your own company's peak-usage time coincides with the peak usage time of the ISP, which could lead to slower Internet speeds. It's also helpful to ask ISPs about the history of outages that the company has had and how long they have lasted. Then you'll have Internet service that is much more reliable.


14 August 2019

Making The Choice Between Internet Service Providers

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