Pros And Cons Of Choosing Self-Installation For Your Home Internet Package


One of the options that you may see when you're enrolling with a different internet service provider to get internet for your home is self-installation. While it's common for internet providers to send technicians to your home to set you up, many companies will alternatively offer new customers the self-installation option. When this option is available, it's worthwhile to consider your degree of comfort with technical projects and your experience in setting up internet connections in the past. Here are some pros and cons to evaluate.

Pro: Ability To Save Money

If you opt for self-installation, you'll commonly be able to reduce your cost by a small amount. The internet service provider knows that you hooking up your own internet is less costly for the company than sending a technician, and will respond by passing the savings along to you. Although this cost savings is generally a one-time price reduction, for example, you'll save on your first bill but won't get a discount on the subsequent ones, it can be appealing.

Con: You Might Get Confused

If you have experience setting up a home internet connection, you'll generally be comfortable choosing the self-installation option from your new ISP. However, if you're simply looking to save some money and aren't familiar with this type of work, you could end up getting confused and doing the job wrong, leaving you with a lack of a connection. You'll then have to call the company for help.

Pro: No Hassles With Scheduling

When your internet service provider needs to send a technician to your home to get you set up with a new home internet package, it generally gives you a time window in which the technician may arrive. For example, it may be between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. For some people, a lengthy time window is a hassle, as you'll need to stay at home during these hours to wait for the technician. When you choose self-installation, you can set up the connection at your convenience.

Con: The Technician Has Some Tricks

While the process of setting up an internet connection is largely the same whether you do it or you pay a technician to do it, it's possible that the technician will do a better job because he or she has experience. For example, whereas you might put your router in a spot in which its signal is partially blocked by an obstruction in your home, the technician will look for an optimal spot to place this device, resulting in better Wi-Fi range for you and your family.


15 August 2018

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