2 Tips For Taking Full Advantage Of Your Business's Remote Data Center Service


As your business grows, you may find that your current computers are no longer able to store the amount of information needed to run your company. To keep from having your computers crash, resulting in a massive loss of files, you may have decided to use a remote data center. If so, use the following tips to take full advantage of the service.

Schedule A Nightly Backup Up Your Files 

When you keep your computer files all in one place, they could be in danger of being lost if there is a computer virus, a power surge or a natural disaster, such as a severe storm or hurricane. One of the main services of remote data centers is to keep a backup of your files so that if something does happen to your physical location, copies are readily retrievable if the files are erased or become corrupted.

To maximize this service, schedule a nightly backup for your files. Since this is completed automatically, you or one of your employees do not have to be present. You can schedule it anytime time you wish, such as after business hours or at midnight. If you have a lot of data being created during the day, you may also be able to schedule backups twice a day by speaking with the center's representative.

Use The Data Center's Servers As Extra Protection For Sensitive Information

If you handle sensitive information, such as customer's social security numbers or banking information, you want to be assured that this information is not easily accessible by someone not authorized to view or use it. You could use the data center's server's as an extra layer of protection for this information if the connection is secured and the transmissions are encrypted.

When setting up a dedicated server at the data center, speak with the technical support specialist about what you will need to transmit your information. Ask if they require special software or security certificates. You may also be able to set up multiple usernames and passwords for your employees so that they can access this information on the job, but only through the software and computers at your office.

Using your data center's services can keep your business running smoothly and decrease the chance of information loss. If you have more questions about your remote data center's services, you may want to talk to their customer service representative or technical support specialist to find out how to optimally utilize all of the services they have to offer. 


29 January 2016

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