Tips For Improving A Slow Internet Connection


Are you finding that your internet connection doesn't run fast enough to meet your needs? Here are some troubleshooting steps to fix the speed of your connection.

Choose the Right Browser

If you're using a default browser on your computer, this could be what's zapping your internet speeds. These browsers sometimes consume a lot of resources, since they are set up for very broad use by all of the system's users. Try a new setup; for instance, many new browsers are lightweight and designed for lightning fast browsing.

Check Your Add-Ons

If you have a lot of add-ons for your browser, this can significantly slow down your load times. If you can't remove certain add-ons, you may want to install them on one browser and then have a separate, clean browser for surfing the internet.

Allow Cookies

While there are pros and cons to allowing cookies on your computer, this can certainly speed up your connection times. Webpages won't need to collect all of your data from scratch, making it easier for the page to sidestep some of the loading process.

Run a Disk Defragmentation

Disk defragmentation can speed up the entire performance of your computer, which trickles down to how quickly your computer can send and process browser requests.

Choose a New Internet Service Provider

Internet browsing speeds are getting faster all the time, and if you've been stuck with the same provider for many years, you may not be taking advantage of these advances. Consider the speed of internet you've been paying for and compare it to what other internet service providers are offering; especially if you are a new customer, you can get some great deals on the fastest internet speeds available.

Move Your Router

If your internet connection speed should be working fine, one last thing to try is to change the position of your router. Your router should be as close to your computer as possible, and without interruption from other devices. Move your router into the same room, or at least within the direct line of sight from your computer. Move other mobile devices away from the router so that they don't interfere with the signal.

A faulty internet connection can be due to many factors, and the steps above should give you some ideas on things to try. However, sometimes it's just time to upgrade to a better package and find a faster internet service provider.  


10 September 2015

Making The Choice Between Internet Service Providers

As a young single mom, the world is constantly filled with new challenges. When we moved into the place where we are now, I had to figure out how to lift heavy furniture all by myself and set up a myriad of service providers and utilities. Although it probably shouldn't have been hard, one of my greatest challenges was figuring out who to work with to get the Internet. At first, they all seemed the same, but after a little more research, I was able to track down the company I felt comfortable with. I want to make life easier for my fellow single mommas, which is why this blog is dedicated to helping you to choose contractors, service providers, and companies to work with.