Data Center Hosting Versus In-House Server Management


Whether you're hosting a website or creating a game server for your friends or an entire gaming community to play, there comes a time when you need to choose between running the game on your own equipment versus consulting a team of data center professionals. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks, but with some insight into what makes each choice unique, you can make a more informed decision.

Hosting A Server With Your Own Equipment

There are many different reasons to host your server with your own equipment. You may want total control of as many aspects of the server as you can, or you may think that self-management of a server is more affordable. Although it can be, you need to have quite a few pre-requisites to make the option viable and truly affordable.

To host a successful server, you need an Internet connection that can support sending out files and accepting requests. The server computer must be capable of processing those requests, and you'll need the cooling and electricity to support continuous operation. With all of the hardware needs in place, you also need to know what you're doing.

First, consider the Internet connection. How many people do you plan on allowing to connect to the system, and how much information is being processed? Depending on what you're hosting, you may be able to quickly pass around basic text files and pictures, or you may be burdened with large video files, big pieces of data or constant requests from people connecting to a game server.

Every server type has different Internet needs depending on the files being transferred and the number of people initiating transfers. It'll take some guessing to get it just right, and you'll need an accurate headcount of the number of expected connections. Unfortunately, this can make building your server computer difficult.

You almost always need to overcompensate when building the server. Your computer parts need to be fast enough that a few more than expected users can be supported without slowing the process down for everyone. With more hardware comes more heat generation, especially from the processor (which can generate enough heat to cause a fire if not managed properly). This means you'll need to add more cooling measures such as managed air conditioning or a system of fans, which adds to your electrical consumption.

The costs may not be as low as expected if you don't already have all of the supporting systems prepared.

Data Center Management Removes Some Burden

With a data center managing your server, your responsibility is managing the software aspect of your server and paying the fee to host the server. The cost of server rental may be off putting to some, but remember the costs associated with running the server on your own. 

All you need to do is connect to the server using the login credentials given by the data center, then use the server as necessary. Data center management uses virtualization, which allows you to connect to a website of sorts that represents your server. It's just like using a computer across the Internet, but without physical access to the hardware.

You'll still need to know how to install the files necessary to run the server, but even that can be purchased from capable data center technicians. To discuss the available services and plan better ways to host your server, contact a data center support team.


2 September 2015

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